Why Is It Important To Be Industry Ready In Today’s Time?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

It is said that getting the Right Job implies that a person is now in the position to cope with the challenges that are thrown up by real life, where students must use their wit, acumen and knowledge to survive and prevail. However, in today’s time it has become increasingly difficult for anyone to secure a job that is both challenging and rewarding. There are a number of factors that has led to this impasse, and in order to understand why it is necessary to be industry-ready in today’s time, we shall have a look at these factors.

Highly Competitive Arena in Today’s Times - Challenges faced by students during job placement:

Many industrial sectors, especially the IT Sector, is a highly competitive arena that is characterized by a large number of competitors. As a result, each corporate entity present in the market has to make use of the resources and assets that are available to each in order to not only establish their brand in the market, but to also maintain it and then to expand its influence as well. As such, each corporate has to utilize its resources and assets in the most rational and optimal manner, ensuring that such utilization is productive for the firm’s operation as a whole.

The Need of a Skilled Workforce

From this it follows that the biggest asset that is available to any corporate entity in the industry, is its skilled workforce. In an environment where competition is rife and existence is a life and death struggle, it is the practical skills possessed by the collective might of the entire workforce that ensures an enterprise’s survival. This being of paramount importance, when companies are out looking for new recruits in order to replenish their workforce with new energy and young blood, they would be looking for those candidates who are more adept at Industry required skills rather than those who have a thorough knowledge on the theoretical concepts.

To Make a Job Application Stand Out

In the case of corporate entities in the IT Sector, it has to be especially noted that each employee has to be exceptionally talented and possess Industry skills in order to make meaningful and practical contributions to the firm’s operations. Therefore, in order for the recruiters to notice and seriously consider a candidate’s job application, they need to be qualified in ways that are qualitatively unique from what is expected from the usual hiring pool set. In essence, it is more than important to always stand out of the box, and that too, quite literally.

Difficulty in Hiring Due to Lack of Practical Knowledge

The other factor that makes landing in a job pretty hard is the fact that, because these corporate entities already exist in a state of fierce competition, they can’t afford to squander any of their resources if they want to maintain their foothold in the market. Therefore, it is common to witness these firms to not offer training courses to any recruits, thereby indirectly rejecting those candidates who don’t possess the practical skills necessary to steer through their individual careers and the prospects of the enterprise. Thanks to traditional learning methods which place an undue emphasis on the understanding of theoretical concepts, students lack the contextual knowledge and it is this dearth of practical knowledge that makes it difficult for companies to hire students.

Requirement for Additional Training and Skills

From the above challenges and the obstacles that may present itself after getting a job, it is always prudent to have certain skills up your sleeve that not only makes you an efficient asset for the corporate but also makes you experienced in your field of work, advancing your career in leaps and bounds. Since traditional training methods place an overemphasis on the understanding of conceptual knowledge or it teaches practical skills when they might be obsolete, thanks to the rapid advancement of the IT Sector due to new and emerging technologies, there is a way to gain new skills and enhance existing ones. With the help of online training courses, it is possible to gain a wide variety of skills that are relevant to the IT Sector’s requirements and standards. For the most part, online training portals are accessible on any device that has an Internet connection, they come with the benefits of continual assessments and the gaining of a certification after the successful completion of the course.

Therefore, it is quite clear how important it is for a student to be industry ready in this day and age to get the Right Job, and for that to happen, practical skills have to be gained from an online courses and that problem will be solved with the courses offered by WileyNXT.

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