Wiley Innovation Advisory Council

Wiley Innovation Advisory council is the guiding body for WileyNXT and is the approving body for the learning solutions built by WileyNXT. Comprising of Experts and Thought Leaders from both Industry and academia, the Council represents the diverse opinions and thought process of the leaders who influence and drive the shape and direction of the industry and research. 

The council works with WileyNXT team to identify and predict the future of the industry. The council also works to create the learning framework to help the professionals prepare themselves for the new skills. WileyNXT works with its Subject Matter experts and global author network to build the learning solution. 

This process make WileyNXT's learning solution and certification an accepted accreditation. Any learner who undergoes the learning solution and takes the certification is recognized by the industry for skill competency and industry readiness. The Council comprises of members from Academia and Industry alike.

Key Challenges We are Dealing with Today

How can industry and academia collaborate to build
effective learning frameworks and curricula for new age job roles of the digital economy?

In context of these problem statements, the only way to arrive at an effective solution is by bringing in thought leaders from both industry and academia together and engaging in discussions and collaborations that lead to concrete outcomes.


The contributions and initiatives of WIAC are a step towards helping learners, professionals, institutes and organizations prepare best for Industry 4.0. With this intent in mind, Wiley conceptualized the Wiley Innovation Advisory Council (WIAC) as a forum of top influencers, thought leaders, business leaders and industry experts willing to contribute towards the Future of Work and Future of Learning.

The Wiley Innovation Advisory Council (WIAC), conceptualized by Wiley, has a mission to foster exchange of topical industry insights and technology trends, evangelize innovation and thought leadership and collaborate to develop industry-focused learning and research frameworks and platforms for AI and exponential technologies. 

The vision is to lead to a sustainable industry academia partnership, joint talent development and R&D Initiatives relevant for Industry 4.0 .

The Wiley Innovation Advisory Council Members







Wiley Global Innovation Conclave

The Wiley Innovation Conclave focuses on the path from digitally distraught to digitally determined. This annual thought leadership event will bring together digitally determined leaders from academia and industry on the same platform to dialogue, debate, innovate on the various dynamics and challenges the digitally distraught organizations and leaders face, and some drive towards potential strategies and solutions to the problems.

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