#LearnToWin Webinar, 21st April, 20

Topic: Teaching Calculus with interactive Zybooks

#LearnToWin Webinar, 18th April, 20

Topic: Analytics for Healthcare and in Combating Pandemic Situations

#LearnToWin Webinar, 18th April, 20

Topic: Teaching Programming with Java through interactive Zybooks

#LearnToWin Webinar, 13th April, 20

Topic: Becoming a Java Full Stack Developer – What Does it Take?

#LearnToWin Webinar, 11th April, 20

Topic: Winning Career Strategy – From Fintech to Global Banks

#LearnToWin Webinar, 9th April, 20

Topic: Teaching Embedded Systems through

Interactive ZzyBooks

#LearnToWin Webinar, 4th April, 20

Topic: How Digital Analytics Impacts Businesses

#LearnToWin Webinar, 3rd April, 20

Topic: Preparing for a High Impact Career

#LearnToWin Webinar, 2nd April, 20

Topic:  Embracing Teaching Online During Periods of Crisis 

#LearnToWin Webinar, 30th Mar, 20

Topic: Emerging Job roles and How You Can Prepare for Them

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