Enabling Skill Transformation through Experience Based Applied Learning  

With 60% Indian Industry Executives not able to find skilled workforce , India is facing the skill crisis.

With over 1.5 million engineering graduates every year in the engineering institutions and the ever growing pace of changing industry skill demands, the academic institutions of India are struggling to respond to the Industry signals at the same pace as demanded by the Industry.
The fundamental problem is of speed mismatch and the ability of the system to respond to the pace

WileyNXT program bridges the Asymmetry of Employability - Learning 

WileyNXT learning solution is built on the "Conceptual" and "Contextual" Learning bridge and has been developed by Wiley Innovation Advisory Council - a body of 26 Industry and Academia leaders

How to identify the problem?

Industry expects the workforce to have the cognitive ability to identify problem and work on it without being dependent on a heavy training and mentoring driven ecosystem.


•Why the chemical composition is not giving the optimal result?

Is it the optimal chemical composition?

What business problem to solve?

Industry expects candidates

 to have the ability to analyze complex problem and draw out possible solutions with multiple outcomes and ability to collaborate effectively and work in teams

•How do you design a hybrid vehicle?

•How will you execute this complex project?

How to Solve business Problems?

Need conceptual problems and  interdisciplinary projects and case studies integrated in the curriculum so as to improve learning outcome conceptually


•What is the chemical composition of a storage battery?

•How do you design a stepper motor?

Programming an interface between computer and motor

WileyNXT works with Academic Institutions and Industry to build the  ecosystem for

Train-Skill-Career Development

in new and in-demand technologies

WileyNXT Advantage

Leveraging technology and content-enabled solutions to drive the knowledge economy






Learners across the globe.

Industry and Academic Experts

Nobel laureates publishing with Wiley

Year old legacy of creating learning solutions 

Leaders in Learning Solutions

Backed by a long history in education, Wiley Education Services leads the way in delivering effective strategic higher education consulting, program development, and institution-wide services to help our partners achieve success in a highly competitive market

Wiley Thought Leadership -

engaging the Innovators, Academicians and Industry Leaders

A council of 40 thought leaders  from Industry and academia driving new and  emerging technologies growth come together with Wiley to create, validate and endorse learning  framework called WileyNext.

WileyNXT Learners and Certificate Holders are recruited by World's Leading and Most Innovative organizations across the globe.

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