What Engineering Students Need To Do To Be Job Ready?

Over the past two decades after the institutionalization of liberal reforms in the Indian economy, the economic sector has greatly diversified and is leading the country to a new spurt of economic growth and development. One of the leading sectors which is responsible for this new-found prosperity is the IT Sector, which has found itself a niche and a favourite career choice for many students, especially those who have studied software engineering. Not only does the Indian IT Sector serve foreign corporations with a distinction but it also serves the Indian Government on several issues ranging from software solutions to finding new ways to upgrade existing infrastructure in order to serve the growing needs of data usage among the population.

Difficulty In Securing A Job In The IT Sector

However, getting a job in the IT Sector is no mean feat. It is notoriously competitive, where the IT corporations looking for prospective employees focus as much on the conceptual learning of applicants as much as the Industry Skills they may possess. Since any work on the IT Sector is heavily reliant upon practical applications, possessing relevant skills in that regard is an important prerequisite. Unfortunately, engineering students are not ready for a job in the IT Sector precisely because they are not ready in terms of possessing such relevant skills. This is what is exactly stopping them, acting like a barrier between them and lucrative employment opportunities in IT firms.

Cut-Throat Competition And Lack Of Proper Training

This issue is further compounded by the fact that operating entities within the industry do not wish to invest their resources in providing remedial and fresher training to prospective candidates. Given the immense competitive nature of the industry itself, it is quite rational to not spend extra resources in training recruits when those resources could be used elsewhere more productively. In such a situation of cut-throat competition, every employee of an IT corporation is an asset in terms of the skills they possess, and it is quite expected from new recruits that they would deliver in terms of performance to the company and further consolidate its existence on the market. This is not often the case, however, and there are a few reasons why that would explain this.

Absence Of Grasp Over Practical Skills

Traditionally, education in the fields of engineering and information technology has been pretty theory based since its inception. The emphasis is on the mastering and understanding of theoretical concepts, the reasoning being that grasp on the theoretical knowledge would lead to an automatic grasp over practical skills that is relevant to the industry. Unfortunately, the IT sector is an industry which is famous for its new technologies and this leads to many skills becoming obsolete within a short span of time. Therefore, not only do traditional courses ignore inculcating students with practical skill as an axiom of emphasis, it also does not develop those skills that are extremely important if one wants to have a career in the IT Sector itself.

Need For Additional Training

In such a case, additional training comes in very handy. However, procuring the correct kind of additional training is quite hard given the limitations of the scope of traditional modes of learning in this field as well as the high costs that are involved in acquiring such skills. In many cases, institutions offering such practical courses may not be proximal to the student’s area of residence or domicile. All these problems greatly aggravate the already dire situation for students who desire to be employed in the IT Sector but do not possess the skills necessary to impress and convince the employers.

Solution To Have A Successful Career In The IT Sector

The proverbial stone with which all these birds could be killed is WileyNXT, comprehensive solution that is dedicated to providing skill-based education and in creating a job-ready candidate at the completion of the course itself. Besides this, the portal allow students who are a part of these courses to continuously assess themselves via constant tests and upon the course completion, they are certified by WileyNXT as competent engineers and IT specialists with skills which would immensely help with the operations of an IT Firm. If someone wants a successful career at an IT Sector job, then WileyNXT is definitely the place to go.

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