The Disrupted World of Jobs

Introduction – Demands of the Industry:

The world of jobs exists in a disrupted state. Competition has forced many companies to be heavily reliant on skills of their workforce which enables them to survive the unpredictability of the market and the manoeuvres of their competitors. This is why the demands of the industry have led to an increasing desire for employees and recruits whose skills satisfy the general standards of the industry itself. Thus, if one has to find a job, one has to be skilled according to the demand of the industry as well as possess an edge over other applicants in order to secure the appointment.

The Need for a Complete Solution:

However, traditional learning methods are not suitable to upskill and reskill candidates who are willing to land in a job after the completion of their education. With an emphasis on theoretical understanding and using learning methods which are outdated despite being established, students are unable to develop the skills necessary in order to have their applications considered by the recruiting authority. A lack of contextual and experimental learning further aggravates the situation to the extent where even the existing learning methods can be seen responsible for the rampant employment trends.

A Proposed Change:

A change is possible from this bleak, disrupted world of jobs and WileyNXT is one of the possible routes where this change could take place. Besides being a leader in online learning and scholarship, WileyNXT offers a complete learning solution by imparting skills and knowledge that are both conceptual and contextual in relation to the industry. It offers an experiential learning experience where new learning methods are used to enable students to grasp concepts and skills that would be necessary for them to survive the onslaught of the industry.

WileyNXT gives an edge to students by the fact that each course has been developed by experts, founded on years of experience in their respective fields. With the experimental learning methods, students are able to learn their lessons and important skills at their own pace, which makes it possible to understand difficult concepts because there is no compulsion or stress involved in the whole affair. Such features give an advantage to students who avail the services of WileyNXT over those who don’t. They get to have an edge in the labour market.

WileyNXT has some obvious advantages over traditional learning methods. It is not costly, which allows students with low incomes to be a part of the learning experience. It is accessible to anybody possessing an internet connection and having a device that connects to the Internet. Assessments are regular in nature so that even at their own pace, a student is able to keep track of their progress. Most significantly for an experimental learning method, it is certified. This means that an applicant can be considered on the basis of the skills they have learnt over WileyNXT.

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