Importance Of Being Industry Ready Before You Even Graduate

Preparedness is a virtue that has always been cherished in every form of society, for it reflects one’s ability to be farsighted. Preparing in the event of an inevitable eventuality is something that has always led to success, from the individual level to that of entire civilizations. Be they examinations or be they wars, being ready for something that is sure to happen is a quality that should be inculcated in everyone. And as far as seeking the Right Job goes, being Industry Ready does go a long way in securing oneself with the opportunities of employment.

Limited Job Openings:

These days, trying to land in a prosperous employment opportunity is certainly no easy task. Competition has increased to the extent where each participating corporate entity must be conscious of where is it investing its resources to not only secure a place in the already competitive market but to maintain its position and expand its influence against the competing firms. A great emphasis is placed on the skill of existing employees by the corporate since it is their skill that enables the enterprise to achieve success in the market, which can sometimes translate into reluctance in taking in new recruits. This causes a scarcity in the number of openings available for one to get a job in the first place.

Optimal Utilisation Of Resources By Corporates:

In some cases, corporates are willing to take in new recruits in order to replenish their workforce that might be depleted in quantity due to retirements and resignations. However, a new issue crops up when such corporate entities don’t wish to spend resources on training new recruits. As we have already discussed, being in a situation where the competition is fierce tends to force these firms into maintaining the most rational and optimal utilization of their available resources in a manner that is productive for the functioning of the enterprise.

Strong Command Over Practical Skills:

Such being the scenario, corporates would be rather picky in choosing new recruits as a part of its workforce, a workforce whose existence and pride lay within its very skill. Therefore, the recruiters would seek a prospective candidate whose grasp of practical skills which are applicable to the industry is going to be more decisive, rather than just the theoretical knowledge on the subject. Unfortunately, traditional learning courses don’t pay any attention to the needs of modern industries, believing that a mere understanding of theoretical concepts would be more than enough for someone to learn the essential practical skills that are necessary. Even when traditional learning courses do incorporate the need to learn practical skills, developments in the relevant field of applicability may make the skills in the course obsolete, and therefore the student might not be Industry Ready.

Plan For The Dynamic Future

Thus, keeping all these factors in mind, it is an important thing to possess the relevant skills and be industry ready even before you graduate in the course you are in. This is a very practical approach, considering that your course may or may not prepare you for everything that a career in the industry of your choice has to offer. In being farsighted and pragmatic, gaining relevant skills and enhancing existing ones is being ready to face the challenges that you would most likely encounter. Since traditional courses might not help you master these skills, many online courses websites like WileyNXT exist that are oriented to your field and can help in making you proficient in the skill set that you would like to develop. These online training portals are accessible and have periodic assessments and come with certifications as a mark of your mastery over a skill.

Being Industry Ready will not only get you noticed and selected by the best corporate entities within the industry, but also would make them consider you favourably for a job that is prosperous, and your acquired skills can be put to use in the most productive ways possible. By all estimates, this is the most important reason why it is better to be industry-ready even before you can even graduate.

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