Getting The Right Job After Graduation

Introduction – More Supply than Demand:

Preparedness is a virtue that has always been cherished in every form of society, for it reflects one’s ability to be a visionary. Preparing in the event of an inevitable eventuality is something that has always led to success, from the individual level to that of entire civilizations. Be it an examination or be it a war, being ready for something that is sure to happen is a quality that should be inculcated in everyone. As far as seeking jobs go, being ready for the industry does go a long way in securing oneself with the opportunities of employment.

Thanks to the growth of competition in the labour market, many young people are preparing for their careers. This, however, causes a peculiar situation, where there is a high number of eligible candidates vying for the position and next to no demand, owing to the company’s great emphasis on skills of the existing workforce which enables them to survive the unpredictability of the market with ease and comfort. So, while preparing for a job is a virtue, the number of people competing for the same job makes it a harrowing experience and it is likely that a candidate would remain unnoticed amongst thousands of job applications which pour in, seeking the right job.

Looming Unemployment:

In some cases, corporates are willing to take in new recruits in order to replenish their workforce that might be depleted in quantity due to retirements and resignations. However, a new issue crops up when such corporate entities don’t wish to spend resources on training new recruits. As we have already discussed, being in a situation where the competition is fierce tends to force these firms into maintaining the most rational and optimal utilization of their available resources in a manner that is productive for the functioning of the enterprise.

In such a scenario, corporates would rather be picky in choosing new recruits as a part of their workforce - a workforce whose existence and pride exists within its very skill. Therefore, the recruiters seek a prospective candidate whose grasp of practical skills is applicable to the industry and is going to be decisive, rather than just the theoretical knowledge on the subject. Unfortunately, traditional learning courses don’t pay any attention to the needs of modern industries, believing that a mere understanding of theoretical concepts would be more than sufficient for someone to learn the essential practical skills. Even when traditional learning courses incorporate the need to learn practical skills, developments in the relevant field of applicability may make the skills in the course obsolete, thereby falling short of the current standards held by the industry as a whole. This is one of the major reasons why many engineers find themselves within the trap of unemployment because there is no effort on the part of regular learning courses towards reskilling and upskilling graduate students.

The Solution – WileyNXT:

The solution is to move towards something which not only prepares students for their careers but also mitigates the disadvantages of traditional learning methods. Over the past two decades, especially after the introduction of the World Wide Web, online learning portals have exploded into popularity as they offer many advantages. They are focussed on providing skill-based education, come at a zero-cost, don’t require the creation of new infrastructure, and are accessible to a large number of people provided that they possess a device that is capable of connecting to the Internet.

As a global leader of experimental learning online, WileyNXT offers all of the above benefits and much, much more. It is free, thus allowing students from financially weak backgrounds to attend the courses. It is accessible, which means anyone with a device capable of connecting with the Web is capable of accessing their course. Students are able to learn at their own pace and comfort. Regular assessments help the student to determine their level of skill at any given time. Most importantly, all courses on WileyNXT are certified, that is, they would be accepted as legitimate academic and vocational qualifications. This is how WileyNXT helps you to get the right career after graduation.

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