Wiley Global Innovation Conclave 2020

The 2020 Wiley Innovation Conclave focuses on the path from digitally distraught to digitally determined. This annual thought leadership event will bring together digitally determined leaders from academia and industry on the same platform to dialogue, debate, innovate on the various dynamics and challenges the digitally distraught organizations and leaders face, and some drive towards potential strategies and solutions to the problems. 

The event will also be a platform for Wiley to facilitate conversations on the above themes, synthesize inputs from the industry and academia, and elucidate its role in shaping up digitally determined organizations by molding their biggest assets – the digital workforce.  

Digital Transformation NXT 

From Xperimental to Xponential 

Industry 4.0 is here, and digital transformation is the new normal.  

An IDC Research showed that 46% leaders and organizations are ‘digitally determined’, with a clear digital transformation strategy around talent, culture, change, financial goals and integrated business and technology strategy.  

The other 54% were ‘digitally distraught’, characterized by short-term siloed projects on digital and innovation as an impromptu effort, working on a disconnected project-by-project basis. 

The digitally determined have a single strategy and work off a single digital roadmap. They demonstrate the inherent value digital brings to the business. They create a digital platform that allows them to scale their innovations. They also integrate metrics that capture some of the newer elements of the business such as innovation, customer centricity, monetizing data, digital business operations, and a change to the workforce.