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The Technology Talent Development Solution that gets Job Ready Workforce in New & Emerging Technologies

WileyNxt candidates, as compared to lateral industry recruits help solve the traditional industry concerns like access to talent, high cost of recruitment and inadequate high-quality resource. The continuous assessment model coupled with industry benchmark curriculum ensures the candidates have gone through rigorous due diligence process. 

Prepared through a 3 year program of Contextual and Content based learning,  the candidates undergo an extensive project led learning that makes them leading -edge, next generation, skilled and niche technology workforce for the business. Ready to be deployed on graduation day with proficiency equivalent to 8-12 months of work experience, these professionals solve the talent acquisition problem of the Technology Organizations.

Talent Development through Immersive Learning

Quantified and Data Driven Competency Framework

3 years rigorous hybrid training

•~10+ foundational and advanced courses per track

•~ 800 hours structured learning over 3 years

•~ 100+ hours of project work (atleast 3 complete projects and 40 mini projects per track)

•Additional ~80+ hours of Virtual Internship

Productivity Baselining Equivalent to 8-12 months of In-Premise Work Experience

Continuous Assessment & Practice

• 400+ skill based problems, quizzes, labwork, mini-projects per course

•10+ pre-screen and post course assessments across 3 years ensuring continuous tracking of candidate’s progress

The WileyNxt Differentiator

Immersive blended learning program for skilling in in-demand and future technologies and for enhanced problem solving ability, analytical thinking and collaborative skills in candidates.


Validation of skills with Wiley certification as industry-endorsed gold standard in future tech and problem-solving skills proves a valuable element of the ecosystem.

The Value of the Solution

Access to World Class Training Platform

Substantial Value Accretion

Wider Talent Pool of Employable Candidates

Holistic & Longitudinal Background Data

Learners Trained in Industry Applicable Skills 

Data Engineer Full Stack
Java Script
Java Full Stack
AI ML Full Stack
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