Channel Partners

All WileyNXT programs have been designed by Wiley and its partner institutions and are proprietary to Wiley and its partner institutions. Wiley takes the complete ownership and responsibility to formulate, host and administer all WileyNXT programs. Further, Wiley also takes the complete ownership and responsibility for the entire end to end management, delivery and operation of all WileyNXT programs.

As per Governmental regulations made applicable to foreign publishers in India, Wiley, being a foreign publisher, is precluded from engaging in any kind of B2C (Business to Consumer) sales of its programs in India. Thus, in line with the applicable Governmental regulations, Wiley directly engages in only B2B (Business to Business) sales of its programs in India but neither conducts nor engages directly in any kind of B2C sales of its programs in India.

In compliance with the applicable Governmental directives, rules and regulations, for all B2C sales of WileyNXT programs in India, Wiley has appointed credible Channel Partner(s) to market, promote and re-sell WileyNXT programs in India for all B2C Sales. Since, Wiley neither takes nor receives any program fee directly from its individual / B2C customers due to the applicable governmental regulations, Wiley’s Channel Partner(s) collect the fee for all WileyNXT programs. All interested customers, students and candidates are requested to contact Wiley’s Channel Partner(s) for applying to any of WileyNXT Programs. Read full policy here

Write to us for any queries or concerns about our channel partners at