AI Professional Program 

Duration: 4 Months

Explore the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence with WileyNXT. Become a Wiley Certified AI Professional from the comfort of your home. For all those who #CantStopWontstop the hustle to gaining more and more skills, WileyNXT brings online courses, crafted for Winners all the way.

Key Features

  1. Develop an actionable understanding of what artificial intelligence really is, how it works, what it can do and what it requires to perform

  2. Examine best practices of global leaders in the field, such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google

  3. Learn and understand all the latest concepts in AI

  4. Program covers all the latest libraries and platforms and help you attain a competitive edge


  • Introduction to AI

  • Brushing Up Math and Stats for Machine Learning

  • Quick Guide to Python Programming

  • Exploratory Data Analysis and Feature Engineering

    • Data Exploration and Pre-processing

    • Feature Engineering

  • Machine Learning

    • Learning from Data

    • Supervised Machine Learning

    • Unsupervised Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning

    • Introducing Deep Learning

    • Artificial Neural Networks

    • Training Deep Neural Nets

    • Convoluten Neural Networks

    • Recurrent Neural Networks

    • TensorFlow

  • + 100 Hours of Capstone Project


#StayHome Scholarship of INR 70,000 for first 200 Enrollments

Program Fee: INR  ̶8̶9̶9̶9̶9̶ 19,999 + Taxes

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